Is Chichester a Good Area to Live in the United Kingdom?

So are you thinking of living in Chichester, or is your company relocating you there, and you’re wondering where Chichester is?

If yes, this post is written to enlighten you about the wonderful city of Chichester and what it feels like to live there. Our sole objective is to provide you with a clear perspective of Chichester and many other important considerations.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s study the factors which would answer your question, like “what are the things to do in Chichester” or “Is Chichester a nice place to live?” more accurately.

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House Price: What to Expect?

Due to its amazing location and divergent property types, it has always been on top people’s lists. However, you should not be surprised that living in Chichester can extend a slightly higher budget than expected. But it doesn’t mean that all properties tend to cost more. The city center of Chichester has a fantastic variety of various properties.

According to the UK house price index for England 2021, the sales volume of Chichester properties has risen from 59 to 81 from May 2020 to May 2021.

According to, the average property rent in Chichester is around £1409 PCM, with a one-bedroom set costing about £929 PCM, a two-bedroom set costing £1,272 PCM, and a three-bedroom set costing between £2975 and 2,250 PCM.

Spinney Lane is one of Chichester’s most exclusive areas, in which property rates can get a bit higher than average. Although this will certainly be a premium price, there are still several places in and near Chichester that are far more affordable.

The neighborhood of Parklands is located to the city’s north. You can discover a moderately priced Georgian terrace house in this well-known area. If you want a sea view, look around some neighboring communities such as West Wittering, Bosham, and Funtington.

Schools In Chichester

The Chichester state primaries are respectable and certainly the most excellent choice for families. Chichester is a superb location for primary and secondary schools.

  • Jessie Younghusband Primary
  • Fishbourne C of E Primary
  • Kingsham Primary
  • Bishop’s Luffa
  • St. Richards Catholic
  • Chichester High School
  • Parklands Community Primary School

These are some outstanding schools with outstanding ratings from their local citizens.

Prebendal is an independent school that is a small, family-oriented co-ed prep school that also serves as the cathedral choir school. Thus, it should come as no surprise that music is a specialty. Additionally, there is Oakwood Prep and Westbourne House. Seaford College offers both day and boarding programs.

The population of Chichester also consists of young individuals. That’s why the colleges there have recently been developed, and the authorities have upgraded the college facilities. These investments were made with the sole purpose of providing a diverse range of programs and facilities to students.

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Things to do in Chichester

Don’t Know What to Do in Chichester?

Chichester is a vibrant city with various great year-round activities available for anyone considering relocating to Chichester. Across the city, there are some great bars, eateries, and coffee shops.

A café located in a 12th-century building is called The Buttery at the Crypt! The ideal spot for a delicious lunch is this old structure, located just a few doors from the iconic “Clock Tower” in the middle of Chichester.

There is also a fantastic selection of long-distance routes for walkers, bikers, and riders. The Centurion Way to West Dean is one of these roads that starts right in the middle of the city. The route along the former railway line known as Centurion Way was first made public in the mid-1990s.

When residing in Chichester, this road is worthwhile exploring. The Chichester Marina is an extremely popular destination that draws tourists from all over the world. The marina has received five gold anchors in previous years! The marina’s popularity among fans of water sports comes as no surprise.

Theater enthusiasts are also in for a treat in Chichester. The Chichester Festival Theatre is renowned in the UK. It presents both performances by traveling companies and original creations. There are performers from the West End and Broadway every year, including directors, actors, and authors! Thus, it doesn’t matter what the season is. Living in Chichester guarantees that there is always plenty to do for its citizen.

Employment in Chichester

If you are thinking of living in Chichester but are doubtful about its job opportunities, then you don’t have to worry. The history and location of Chester conform to a powerful economy that offers you an array of employment opportunities.

A recent survey highlights many opportunities opening for individuals from different sectors.

More jobs are being created to strengthen the local community due to the expansion of small enterprises. There are several job opportunities available in the nearby Bognor Regis for anyone willing to commute. In Bognor Regis, businesses including Next, Marks & Spencer, and Rolls-Royce are situated.

The largest home development in Chichester’s history has been authorized, which will aid in creating new employment in the construction industry. The project is anticipated to take several years to complete, offering long-term work. There are many job options for both the individuals thinking of living in Chichester and the current population of Chichester.

Why Chichester?

One of the most pleasant cities on the South Coast, Chichester combines all the charms of a vibrant city with all the natural splendors of the South Downs. The district is rich in heritage, culture, compassion, tradition, and open space, which offers all its citizens an unmatched quality of lifestyle. This district welcomes growth and opportunity and is successful, prosperous, and reformist.

However, despite all the amenities, it still appears to be daunting to decide whether you want to relocate to a completely different area or not! But through this article, we have tried our best to guide you through all the crucial doubts you might have. We hope now you have got the answer to all your questions. Lastly, if you have an entrepreneurial, creative, and autonomous mind, you are welcome in this city as it provides everything you need to secure a successful lifestyle.