6 Reasons Demand for Property in Chichester is High

Chichester is one of the best real estate anomalies in the world. It’s a city whereeveryone wants to reside, which makes Chichester a possible top choice for all property investors.

 Its good-value Victorian terraces and huge family residences are drawing a lot of buyers from all over the world. This article will discuss why the demand for properties in Chichester is at a peak these days.


Tourism is one of the most crucial reasons people are willing to invest in Chichester. Chichester offers an array of tourism opportunities for tourists all over the world. Various travelers come here to travel and explore different sites. 

If you want to start a hotel or PG, there could not be a better opportunity for you. According to The Times magazine, Chichester has been one of the best cities. So, whether someone’s just passing through for a few hours, taking a brief trip, or traveling to the English south coast, they will need a place to stay, and you can provide them with luxurious rental properties. 

  • Various Historic Churches
  • The Chichester Roman Walls
  • The City Has Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Chichester Festival Theatre
  • Galleries
  • Movie Theaters
  • The Novium Museum
  • Especially The Pallant House Gallery

Thus, investing in these properties can be beneficial to you.

Culture-rich Land

It is home to the globally acclaimed Festival Theatre, which reopened in 2014 after a £22 million makeover.

Chichester has Roman roots that date back to roughly 43AD. Today, it is mainly recognized for its historic city center, independent shops, cafes, and numerous leisure and cultural activities, all of which contribute to its reputation as the most trending investment property.

Natural Beauty

With more than 12,000 vessels anchored in Chichester Harbour, an Area of Outstanding. Birdwatchers and nature lovers from all over the country come to see the salt marsh, mudflats, and other open water sites.

Nearby beaches, particularly those at West Wittering, are among the greatest in the southeast. It means you may get your fill of fresh air and nature quickly. So, thanks to all this natural beauty, demand for properties for sale has constantly been increasing per year.

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Property Values in Chichester

Because of strong demand and low availability, the Chichester property market is often expensive. According to the National Statistics of UK House Price Index England, in July 2021, the local authority’s sales volume for Chichester rose from 59 in May 2020 to 81 in May 2021. 

The average house price in Chichester was £382,718 in July 2020 and £425,614 in July 2021, which made a difference of 11.2%. Thus, if you have any properties for sale, this could be your golden opportunity to invest. Seek this opportunity before it’s too late!

Worthy Rental Properties

Investing in rental properties can be a fantastic deal for you if you are a landlord. Chichester provides landlords with appealing rent potential, which is reflected in property values. Chichester estate agents thoroughly researched and found current average rent in Chichester is £1,389 PCM. Chichester landlords may expect to earn an average of £929 PCM on one bedroom, £1276 PCM on two bedrooms, £1505 PCM on three bedrooms, and an average of £2250 PCM on five bedrooms.

An average house can rent for around £1,592 PCM, and the average rent of a flat can cost you around £1,137 PCM, which is far less than in Birmingham.

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Affordable and Excellent Schools

Chichester’s state primaries are decent. Chichester High School receives more favorable ratings for state secondary schools, whereas Bishop’s Luffa receives excellent ratings.

Regarding independent schools, Prebendal is little co-ed prep with a family vibe that also serves as a choir school for the cathedral. Music, unsurprisingly, is a specialty in such scenarios. Thus, with such a vast number of educational facilities, more and more individuals are relocating here daily, which is why the demand for properties is increasing daily. 


Chichester has traditionally been regarded as an easy transition for many families wanting to make their second home their permanent abode, drawn by the unrivaled West Sussex lifestyle that combines a booming city, coast, and country in one extremely appealing package. Chichester is undoubtedly a viable commuting town.

From Chichester, you can arrive in London Victoria in 90 minutes, although the average trip time is significantly longer. Season tickets start at just £5.50. There are also good train connections to Portsmouth and Southampton.

One thing is sure: Chichester is now on the commuter belt map. With all the West Sussex perks, several attractive villages in the Chichester District are ideal for occasional commuting.