The Estate Agents’ Guide to Staging Your House

Let’s discuss house staging

You might be wondering what house staging is, or if you know what it is, then you might wonder what’s the point of doing it. After all, you’re just a seller, not an interior designer. When you sell a house, you must know that home staging is a crucial part of the entire selling procedure. Staging is a process where you showcase your house’s best assets, impress your potential buyers, and sell it for the most profitably.

So, do you want to learn some great moves for staging your home in the shortest period? If yes, look no further because, in this post, we’ll give you some great tactics to stage your home when you’re short on money and time.

The Benefits of Staging Your House

So, have you ever considered how you will persuade your seller (or yourself) to stage the properties? Let’s read some of the reasons for investing in home staging.

1. Home staging helps the buyer decide whether they can visualize themselves in that home or not. When buyers see a well-furnished house, it helps them visualize themselves in the future. It helps them make a quick decision on whether or not they want to buy the house.

2. House staging can enhance the value of your properties. When you’re giving the buyer a property that can fulfill their every requirement, it will automatically enhance the value of your property.

3. It expedites the sale of your home because staging attracts more potential buyers, resulting in an attractive deal and buyers at the same time.

4. Beauty attracts all. Another reason to stage is that everyone will be attracted to your house when it’s well furnished and equipped with all the necessities.

5. It hardly takes 20 seconds for a buyer to decide whether or not they like the house. Those 20 seconds begin as soon as the buyer enters the house. Thus, use those 20 seconds to awe the buyer.

Ten Home Staging Pointers That will Amaze Your Buyers:

Now let’s discuss how you can enhance your home with staging.

Remove the Clutter

There are two significant issues with clutter. One is that it distracts your buyer’s attention from the attractive features of your home. Two is that it makes your home appear to be smaller. Staging isn’t about filling your space with as much furniture as possible. A staged house should always feel airy and expansive. As a first step, store away everything that is not essential for staging. It includes your pictures, works of art, collectibles, etc.

Additionally, do not just stuff the mess into the closet. Buyers also inspect closets. Leave the house empty as much as possible to give potential buyers a real sense of calm in the room.

Don’t Forget Cleanliness

A clean house maintains a reputation that you have maintained the property thoroughly over the years. Every part of the house should be cleaned entirely.

Ensure the washrooms are clean and sparkling, including the areas behind the toilet, the drain in the sink, and the tub’s corner. Remember, we aim to make everything appear brand new.

Depersonalize Your Interiors

The next step to staging your house is to depersonalize it. To make better decisions when buyers arrive at your property, they need to be able to envision themselves in that property. So, try to remove your personal belongings as much as possible. It could be your family photo frames, refrigerator, keepsakes, etc. Try to make your house as spacious as possible.

┬áKeep your belongings hidden; clear the bathroom counters (except for the hand wash, obviously). Likewise, keep your toys or anything personal and evocative of the home’s current inhabitants.

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Instead Of Table Lamps, Use Sconce Lights

If you want to glamorize your bedroom instantly, instead of placing table lamps on the nightstands, try adding wall-mounted lighting. If you purchase two sets of wall-mounted light fixtures, one modern and one classic, you can create any theme for your home. Since there is no need to wire them, the installation will only require a few minutes.

Focus Areas That Can Quickly Attract Your Customers!

According to the experts of Estate Agents Chichester, when it comes to staging your properties or rental rooms, not every room is considered equal. Every room or space has its unique quality.

Concentrate on rooms that have the highest potential to influence the buyer. Thus, if you want to sell your house or any other property, spend more time on the areas with the most potential to affect purchasers’ decisions and less time on the areas with little potential to influence them. Your kitchen, living room, and bedroom play a significant role in attracting your buyers. So, when you are staging your house, you know what to do!

Consider Neutral Paint Colors

Even though dark colors are in style, choosing the right one for your house can be tricky. This way, you can risk losing your potential buyers.

On the contrary, despite not being the most engaging color scheme, neutral shades like beige, grey, and khaki are the safest in any home building.

Since you’re attempting to appeal to a wide variety of consumers, consider choosing a neutral color scheme instead of overtly shocking, revolting, or offensive ones like an in-your-face yellow or a punch-you-in-the-face red.

Lastly, instead of solid colors on the main wall, consider choosing colors through accent pieces like rugs, cushions, and paintings.

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Accessorize Your Kitchen And Bathroom

An empty bathroom appears sterile and lifeless, yet an empty kitchen counter may be acceptable. Add items like plants, candles, or an expensive soap bottle to a bathroom to instantly bring life to your bathroom.

On the other hand, investing in a few high-end kitchen appliances or accessories would hugely benefit you by attracting buyers with good taste (and lots of extra money). Remember that whatever you do, your kitchen and bathroom should look highly luxurious, qualitative, and expensive, although they don’t have to be expensive in real life.

Final Thoughts

The most outstanding qualities of the house should be highlighted, but bear in mind that these qualities may not necessarily be those that make the house functional for the buyer. Even if you have an abundance of money, house staging isn’t supposed to be expensive. Indeed, house staging is a worthwhile investment, but by using your creativity and our guidance, you can still achieve success at staging your house.

Lastly, to make more profit out of your money or sell a house, you should design your properties to appeal to the broadest number of potential buyers. The more you understand this rule, the higher the selling price will be for your rental homes.